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The Cox Law Firm

5300 Memorial Drive, Suite 890
Houston, Texas 77007

Phone: 713.862.7772
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Ray L. Cox, Jr. has dedicated a significant portion of his career to the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and has amassed in excess of 250 hours of ADR training.

Mr. Cox frequently serves as mediator on pending litigation matters, either by court appointment or by agreement of the parties. His background and experience has enabled him to successfully mediate pre, pending, or post-litigation cases involving securities, ad valorem taxes, breach of contract, DTPA, defamation, negligence (including personal injury), family, probate, guardianship and real estate.

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Mr. Cox regularly serves in the quasi-judicial role of an arbitrator. A significant portion of Mr. Cox's service as an arbitrator is in the area of securities law, and he is qualified through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, to preside as chairperson over securities related arbitrations.Mr. Cox is uniquely qualified to serve as a securities arbitrator. As an attorney, he has represented both customers and broker/dealers in securities litigation, arbitration or mediation proceedings. As an adjunct professor in Business Law, Mr. Cox dedicates a significant portion of his curriculum to corporate finance, securities regulations, and employment matters. Also, as a licensed Certified Public Accountant since 1985, he has constructed and evaluated numerous damages models in securities cases. Lastly, Mr. Cox was employed in the securities industry from 1981 through 1988, during which time he attained and held the Series 7, 63, and 27 licenses. Because Mr. Cox ultimately pursued his law degree, he voluntarily allowed these licenses to expire in 1990.

Christian Conciliation
As part of his ADR practice, Mr. Cox has served as mediator, arbitrator and counselor for individuals or organizations who desire to voluntarily pursue resolution and personal reconciliation in a biblically faithful manner.  Mr. Cox works closely with Peacemaker Ministries and in 2001, he received their designation of Certified Christian Conciliator. Mr. Cox frequently speaks on the subject of the Biblical Approach to Conflict Resolution.

The Cox Law Firm is conveniently located on Memorial Drive, within minutes of the Downtown, Greenway Plaza and Galleria business districts.  Because of the firm's emphasis on mediation, up to five conference/caucus rooms are available for use at our office.

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Lisa MunnsTo schedule a mediation, arbitration, or Christian conciliation, contact Lisa Munns via e-mail or via telephone at 713.862.7772. Special fee arrangements are available to parties (and their opponents) who mediate with Mr. Cox on a regular basis. Fees are due and payable on or before the scheduled date. Lunch will be provided for full day sessions.